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  • Which taxes are customary on Curacao?
    • Transfer tax: You have to pay 4% transfer tax. This has to be paid with the deed of transport at the notary. This also applies to new build houses.
    • Land tax:
  • Are there tax benefits on Curacao?
    • The advantageous tax on Curacao is known as the penshonado arrangement (this only applies for Dutch citizens). The income tax on the island is 10%. This can be compared with the top rate of 52% in the Netherlands. The succesion rights are also very interesting. The rate for inheritances and gifts is 6%, in comparing to the amount of 27% in the Netherlands. Of interest is that this favorable rate in donations after 12 months of entry applies. The rate of succession applies 1 day after entry.
  •  How do I qualify for the penshonado arrangement?
    • You have to be a citizen of the Netherlands. 
    • Prior to the application you must have lived at least 60 months outside the Netherlands Antilles.
    • You have to be 50 years of age or older.
    • You must have a house for own use that is worth 450.000 Antillean Guilders (+/- 257.143,- US Dollars). This house has to be owned by you, 18 months after the registration in the population register.
  •  Where should I go for a mortgage if I want to buy a house on Curaçao?
    • There are many banks housed on the island, such as Banco di Caribe, Maduro & Curiel's Bank and First Caribbian. International Fine Living has got a special relation with a few banks. For more information you can contact us. 
  •  What is an apartment?
    • An apartment is a home within a building with more residences. If you buy an apartment you buy the rights of a home in this building.
  •  What is a resort?
    • A resort is a complex with apartments and houses on it. Most resorts are only available to the people who live there. The facilities on a resort are shared with all the apartment owners.
  •  The best time to buy an apartment?
    • The best time to buy an apartment is in the start-up phase of the project. This is because in this phase you have the first pick and the prices are the lowest.
  • How does the political system work on Curacao?
    • Curaçao was part of The Netherlands Antilles, which in turn belongs to the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Since 2010 it is a country which is still part of the Dutch Kingdom. The government is a parliamentary democracy, based on aspects like freedom of association, the right to form political parties, freedom of the press and freedom of speech. The Netherlands Antilles (where curacao is part of) has two levels of governments. The first is the central governement (federal). This includes police, communications, taxation, public health, education, economic control, labor regristration, money and banking and establishment of enterprises. The second is the island governement. This government is responsible for the island affairs. The Island Government is responsible for the island territory affairs; it manages its own territorial affairs and has theernement is responsible for infrastructure, harbors, etc. and has the power to enact laws.
  •  Can you drink the tap water on Curacao?
    • The drinkwater on Curacao is completely safe. It is pure and refreshing. The bacteriological composition is good and there is no cloride and just a little bit calcium in the water.
  •  What is the local currency on Curacao?
    • The local currency on Curacao is the Netherlands Antilliean Guilder. This is also known as the Florin. The Nafl. is in a stable rate with the US Dollar. 1 US Dollar is 1,78 Nafl. 
  •  Are there local banks who can give finance for buying real estate on Curacao?
    • Yes, some local banks finance to non-residents for the purpose of buying real estate. Generally, the financing granted is between fifty percent (50%) and 70 percent (70%) of the value of the real estate property usually for a ten-year period, and at very competitive interest rates. 
  •  What is the average temperature on Curacao?
    • The average temperature during the whole year is with a steady 27 degrees a nice climate to live in.
  •  What is the average rainfall on Curacao?
    • The  average rainfall is about 30 mm a month. In the first 9 months of the year there is almost no rain on Curacao. Most of the rain falls in october, november and december. This is the rain season on Curacao.
  •  What are the average sun hours in a day on Curacao?
    • The average sun hours in a day are 8 if you are looking at the whole year. This number is the same each day. 
  •  Which kind of public transport does Curacao have?
    • The public transport on Curacao is very limited. The only transport is the bus. These buses drive along busstops in Willemstad. There are also buses which drive to more further destinations on the island. These buses will stop at a few busstops spread.  
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